Friday, 2 May 2014

Spiderman 2

Ok so regular readers will know that I love a comic book film and this one is not different in getting my affection.

The story is Spiderman stopping Electro from destroying the city whilst he has a love story with the lovely Gwen (Emma Stone).

I really don’t want to give more than that away. there is far more to it and all of it is amazing but that all I’m saying about the story. It a good good film and I loved every single minute of it.  I watched this film in 3D and its the first film in a while that I think is a must watch in 3D. I have a few friends that have seen it as well. the one that didn’t enjoy it was the only person who saw it in 2D. Watch it in 3D its worth it. The bits of him flying through the sky are amazing and Electro is pretty cool in 3D as well.

Acting is brilliant. Andrew Garfield is a brilliant Spiderman because he kind of seems like Spiderman in real life. He seems like a bit of a nerdy guy who if he got given superpowers he would fight crime dressed as a spider. Emma stone and Andrew Garfield have a very real connection maybe because they actually have a off screen connection but still sometimes its harder to act this way. Not for these 2. Green Goblin and Electro are cast very well also.

Another must watch but this time a must watch in 3D.

You know its the right thing to do.


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