Thursday, 13 March 2014


I know im the only person who thinks this but i don’t believe Liam Neeson is a bad ass. I just don’t get it. the whole taken “I WILL FIND YOU” bit is class and its cool but he just looks like your average bloke who drinks to often. Luckly for Liam Non-Stop his character plays a guy who looks normal and drinks to often but also happens to be a bad ass as well.

You see Non-stop is a film about a flight marshal who gets a text message telling him that someone will die every 20 mins unless he gets him some money wired to an account. a decent story that is quite good to watch and has a few interesting twists at the end. The clues are there you just have to know what your looking for. I kind of guessed but got a lot wrong. Its a well thought out film.

I like Michelle Dockery in this film as Nancy and or though im not Julianne Moore’s biggest fan i did enjoy her in this film.  Liam Neeson is ok in this film but most of the action is slow and his face thoughout the film is the same regardless of the situation. “Liam you just saved the world” (normal face) “Liam your in a airplane that is crashing” (same face) “Liam you just won £34m” (same face) this is about mystery and he spends most of the film walking around shouting “SHOW ME YOUR PHONE!” 

Overall its not a bad film. Its worth a watch and its entertaining. 

7.4/10 rating

Monday, 10 March 2014

Escape from Planet Earth

Ok so I have a 4 year old daughter who also loves watching films so I will be reviewing the films that we watch as well.

This has only just been released in the UK despite being out in the USA for over a year (ITS EVEN ON NETFLIX USA). Watched it with my 4 year old who really enjoyed it and I did to. Not filled with the “jokes for the Dad” that you get in a lot of kids films nowadays but still not a bad film.

The story is of a group of Aliens from the planet Baab who are a rescue team going to other planets and save other aliens.  The story is of 2 brothers. The younger of the two is Scorch who is the Hero. A Jacked up alien who is the guy who actually does the saving. The older brother Gary is in mission control and helps his less smart brother out of sticky situations. The latest of these sticky situations is Scorch going to “the DARK PLANET” or earth as we call it. Scorch gets captured by the “HUMANS” and loses contact with everybody on his home planet of Baab. Its up to Gary to save him and in doing so he is also caught by the rather cleaver race on earth.

Its a good kids film. My kid really enjoyed it. there were a few bits that annoyed me such as Scorch’s catchphrase “Scorch 'em Baby” but overall very enjoyable. By a mile the best thing Sarah Jessica Parker has ever done but this is mainly down to me not recognising her voice. The best thing in the film is Ricky Gervais as the Machine James Bing. He is brilliant. Love Ricky’s work anyway but in this his small part goes a long way (insert rude joke about his small parts).

Overall  a good film to watch with you kid. Don’t get me wrong its not going to win prizes for the animation or the story and its not one for the ages such as toy story. I wouldn’t say its going to get a Escape from Planet Earth 2 or even a spin off but well worth an hour and a half snuggled up with you kid on a Sunday morning


American Hustle

I don’t know what all the fuss is about with this movie. It was pants. I expected better from this. It was so highly rated. It has some brilliant actors in it Christian Bale, Bradley Cooper, Amy Adams (boobies), Jennifer Lawrence, Jeremy Renner and Robert De Niro all star in this overhyped gas bag.

The story is basically 2 con artist get caught by the FBI and they get talked into Entrapping 4 people by conning them and then they don’t have to serve jail time. Then they end up biting off more than they and the FBI can chew. Its a about an ending relationship and an affair. its summed up for me by one FBI agent telling another a story about ice fishing that doesn’t have an ending in the film. The film is far to long. There is not a lot of the film I enjoyed and I went in to the film hoping for it to be good as I love Bale, Cooper and Renner in other films. Renner is the best thing about the film. His barnet (hair) is not.

Actually Amy Adams is really good looking and she shows a lot of her body off in this film and that’s not a bad thing. She is very sexy in this film but her English accent annoyed me, even for a fake English accent. Overall Amy isn’t bad in this film. Jennifer Lawrence was ok, Cooper and Bale disappointed me. I’m a big fan of both guys. I just didn’t connect with their characters I didn’t really connect with Jennifer Lawrence’s either. I have no idea how this won awards over Wolf of Wall Street because the acting wasnt as good and the story was worse.

Overall a massive disappointment, far to long and quite boring. may have scored a higher score if not so highly rated and didnt have the actors it had in it but 


Dallas Buyers Club

Hi and welcome to Wez Movie blog.

I’ve recently got myself an unlimited card at a cinema and my life isn’t really going anywhere so figured I would watch a lot of films.

I’ve been to see quite a few films recently (trying to get the most out of my Unlimited card).

I went to see The Dallas Buyers Club yesterday.  If I’m honest with you I didn’t expect much. I know Oscars were won by Matthew McConaughey and Jared Leno but ive seen some rubbish films win Oscars. I expected a Erin Brockovich type film with a struggle to “Change the Rule” type plot and in a way i guess that’s what I got but i have to say I loved this film.  I Really enjoyed the change in Matthew McConaughey’s character Ron. You start off believing this man to be a “White Trash” American who probably couldn’t count above 30 with a gun by his head. By the end of the film you see how smart the guy is and you follow his journey all the way through. The acting is brilliant not only by the 2 main actors but also Jennifer Garner putting in a performance i haven’t seen from her before and even the lesser known actors were very good from the homophobic friends of Ron at the start of the film right down to the FDA guys towards the end i didn’t think anybody let this film down.

Don’t get me wrong it has its odd moments. I saw something’s I didn’t want to see a human body do and I found myself thinking “is there really thousands of people in such a small area with AIDS?” I don’t know there is not and I believe this is based on real events but still there was a lot of Ill people and a lot of them didn’t look ill.

The Storyline is simple really. Its about a homophobic Electrician who gets AIDS through excessive drug use and unprotected sex with women. He doesn’t believe he has AIDS then works out its not just a “GAY” thing and starts to accept that he had AIDS. At this point he realises that he doesn’t have to accept death and does what he can to escape this. He attempts to go onto a drug trial for a new drug that may cure AIDS but finds through the help of a American Doctor based in Mexico that the Drug he is using is giving him more illnesses and is killing him. The Doctor teaches him a different way of living with AIDS but they are not FDA approved so cannot get them in the USA.  They make him better so he takes the drugs the USA and sells them without the FDA approval whilst doing what he can to make these items (not all drugs) approved in the USA and making his own life longer.

This is not a light hearted film. Take it seriously and you will enjoy it i think.

I give it an 8.7/10