Monday, 10 March 2014

Escape from Planet Earth

Ok so I have a 4 year old daughter who also loves watching films so I will be reviewing the films that we watch as well.

This has only just been released in the UK despite being out in the USA for over a year (ITS EVEN ON NETFLIX USA). Watched it with my 4 year old who really enjoyed it and I did to. Not filled with the “jokes for the Dad” that you get in a lot of kids films nowadays but still not a bad film.

The story is of a group of Aliens from the planet Baab who are a rescue team going to other planets and save other aliens.  The story is of 2 brothers. The younger of the two is Scorch who is the Hero. A Jacked up alien who is the guy who actually does the saving. The older brother Gary is in mission control and helps his less smart brother out of sticky situations. The latest of these sticky situations is Scorch going to “the DARK PLANET” or earth as we call it. Scorch gets captured by the “HUMANS” and loses contact with everybody on his home planet of Baab. Its up to Gary to save him and in doing so he is also caught by the rather cleaver race on earth.

Its a good kids film. My kid really enjoyed it. there were a few bits that annoyed me such as Scorch’s catchphrase “Scorch 'em Baby” but overall very enjoyable. By a mile the best thing Sarah Jessica Parker has ever done but this is mainly down to me not recognising her voice. The best thing in the film is Ricky Gervais as the Machine James Bing. He is brilliant. Love Ricky’s work anyway but in this his small part goes a long way (insert rude joke about his small parts).

Overall  a good film to watch with you kid. Don’t get me wrong its not going to win prizes for the animation or the story and its not one for the ages such as toy story. I wouldn’t say its going to get a Escape from Planet Earth 2 or even a spin off but well worth an hour and a half snuggled up with you kid on a Sunday morning


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