Monday, 14 April 2014

The Raid 2

If your ok with subtitles its good.  I wouldn’t say its a must watch. I wouldn’t say that its easy to watch. Don’t go if your tired.

If your a fan of the all action type film and a fan of “The Raid” then it may well be a must watch. To set up The Raid 2 I think you need to watch “The Raid”. For those who haven’t seen The Raid, its about a team of police officers who enter a block of flats run by a criminal who they are trying to taker down. The guy running the flats puts an announcement out saying that whoever kills an officer can live for free. So the 20 offices try to reach the top killing all in their way.

Well the main character from this survives (spoiler) and The Raid 2 starts 2 hours after The Raid finishes. He is still bleeding. The idea of The Raid 2 is that he goes onto a new team as an undercover agent. He enters a prison to get himself attached to a gang leaders son.  

I wont ruin the rest of the film. But its a  lot more story than the last one and this means a lot more subtitles. I don’t mind subtitles. The only problem with them is you don’t get to read everything. I swear at one point in this film they put up 3 lines of writing on the screen and I skim read and got to half way through the 2nd line, it gave maybe 2 seconds. But you’re able to keep up with the story line and its a much better story line than the first one. Its gory as hell the same as the first one.

I don’t know what i expected from this film. Maybe i expected just the same gore fest quick fisted film like the first one. If thats the reason you wanted to watch this film then there is a much as the first one, Maybe more (the chap with the baseball bat was particularly good).

Its hard to say weather the acting is good. i felt it was but its hard to tell when its not in English, However its directed by a Welshman. The action is brilliant and fits the film.

Good film worth a watch if you have seen “The Raid”


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