Thursday, 10 April 2014

Muppets most wanted

Ok so i took my kid to the flicks again. I enjoyed this film. Ricky Gervais fan here and I loved him in this. But this is business as usual with Ricky.

The film plot is not secret they have been talking about it on just about everything on tv and radio. Its about a Evil frog call Constantine who breaks out of prison and tricks the police into thinking the Kermit the Frog his him and Constantine is Kermit. Also the muppets go on a world tour so that Ricky Gervias character and Constantine can steal some items so they can steal the crown jewels.

A few cameos and some funny parts aside not a lot happens. Its ok but not a classic. Puff daddy/P Diddy/Sean combes or whatever name he goes by nowadays is in the advert but not the film. And in the Wedding part (Constantine dressed as Kermit and Miss Piggy) the Usher is played by Usher (brilliant joke).

Ok Sunday morning family film but wait for it to be on TV.


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